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Taurus – the first steps

taurus-girlYou will not find Taurus, which would be the soul of the company. Look around in search of someone who though silent, but clearly does not miss in society itself. You can often find the Taurus’s voice, strong, low voice, pleasant to the ear. Or watch the reaction of the audience to some unusual episode, a shocking remark, a sudden awkward gesture (someone dropped a cigarette ash or spilled a glass). The man who will not blink an eye – Taurus.
Head straight to it if you are looking for an oasis in the desert unreliable chatty people. You will not find him any secular antics.

It may take some time to arrange the first date. Taurus man does not hurry to invite you to him, Women Taurus no hurry to accept your offer. When they finally decided, you know – you really liked.

First date? Go see a comedy where a lot of the obvious, intuitive humor. Taurus enjoy healthy jokes.

Dinner out? Aroma of fine foods, a bunch of excellent wine dramatically increase your rankings in a relationship with a Taurus. Invite a woman Taurus to a nice restaurant, gave her dishes with sauces, gravies. Try the cafe in the mall, which serves big portions: a calf excellent appetite.

Taurus man enjoys homemade dinner: after you have made a special effort to please him. The old adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” probably arose because of the male Taurus. But while Taurus loves quality food and fine wines, he or she can not stand to overspend. Good not too extravagant restaurant should fully justify the cost. She will respect you for a reasonable relationship to money. In turn, he will appreciate you cooked dinner more than if you offered any finished dish.

Those born under this sign – the materialists.

If your hobby – collecting, ask to see a collection of Taurus. If it has a certain commercial value, tell him about it. You will be more admired. However, do not lie or exaggerate your financial opportunities. Taurus hates liars and can recognize false.

If you are thinking of a gift, try something practical, but with a twist. Coat of luxurious fabrics, which, if necessary to protect from the rain – the perfect gift for the women Taurus. Taurus man is conservative. As his throat and neck is very sensitive, it will be satisfied if you present him a scarf in cashmere or heavy silk.

Gem emerald-Taurus, which is said to bring them luck in love.

Remember: Taurus is not satisfied with just their love of their own, they require proof of love from others. If you truly admire them and show it.