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All of Vedic astrology

man-astrologyFor human is normal to seek to know  the future – that’s why we are humans . We try to succeed in life, grow up and educate children , rejoice for our grandchildren.

And the animals couldn’t  foreseeing the future , it replaces them instinct , and therefore, perhaps , they happier than us .

And we must strive to foreseeing the future – how it could be possible , of course. That’s why we have an astrology – one of the oldest sciences .

Some people said, that the Indian Jyotish astrology (jyotish) became at the same time with ancient Indian ” Vedas ” and was a part of them.

Jyotish – Vedic Astrology – is one of the Vedic sciences. Jyotish has been developed and practical science and widely used with Vedic civilization.

At the same time were written Jyotish classics books like Brihat – Parashara Hora Shastra .

For a long time knowledge of Jyotish is transmitted by the principle of continuity of teacher-student, that named Vedic tradition of knowledge transfer parampara .

In the presentation of Khorezm scholar Al -Biruni Jyotish takes about 50 pages of typescript .

Jyotish looks much more complex modern Western astrology , although it does not account the influence of Neptune, Pluto and Uranus , and minor planets .

The Indians believed that the gas giants are too far away and unable to affect on the lives of people , and blocks of stone , which bears the outer space – too small for the same.

Moreover , the Indians completely discarded any sort was the influence of the Chinese horoscope and never draws a parallel between Capricorn and Rats , Aquarius and Tigers , believing that every astrology is good in their own environment and its historic place.

However Jyotish complicates the addition of two invisible but nonetheless existing lunar nodes – Head and Tail of a mythical dragon. On the one side, they are certainly ephemeral.

But on the other side, they indicate that each planet has their nodes – points of intersection of the plane of the ecliptic. So why is good to deprive the same such close planet the Moon?