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A woman under the sign of Scorpio

A6tiKelESPYScorpio woman gives herself to the end, if you believe that she has found her destiny. In this case, it can be highly subjective, its response is unpredictable. At the same time, she feels that there are other ways of relating to what is happening. Scorpio girl knows their weaknesses and tormented by them, so you do not need to remind them about. Do not give her a reason to be jealous. Do not forget that for all its external independence and resolute character internally it is very sensitive and vulnerable.

In this alliance, you will head home only when the spontaneous, creative expression. No need to be a downer, to appeal to the order – in this case, you will be redirected to the category of household, your needs will be taken into account, but your opinion will lose any weight. Thanks to your friend your home will always be full of friends, associates, and, in spite of the fact that suits you best chamber atmosphere, the house will be interesting, though somewhat and tedious. Children, games and entertainment, their education take over. But the aesthetic, musical, emotional nurturing can safely entrust his wife. In this case, keep in mind that in his judgment it is categorical in education – too straightforward, but do not tell her this in an explicit form. Do not forget that she understands everything at a glance and a long, lengthy discourse perceives as tediousness.
In no case did not discuss it with her shortcomings, she knows them better than you, and constantly blames himself for them. Therefore, do not overload it – and so it is, pulls on his entire emotional burden of the family. It needs sensitivity and tenderness, although apparently it is not the first show. And do not cheat her constant derision and a show of strength of character.
She is jealous, but adultery is still ultimately forgive, but will remember all my life.

Remember that you and your partner – two sides of the same coin. In her behavior manifested traits, which are there and you. Over the years, this union grows stronger. Crises are inevitable in the first period.
The irony of your wife – is its defense, but the jokes in the address it takes to work. You need to be more tolerant. Certainly, you will annoy her scattered in domestic affairs, she is engaged in them in passing and often does not lead the follow through. But the accusations will cost you dearly. Better take over some of the hassle of the home and the care of children.
Will be beneficial for you to co-creative-operation and common cause.

Sexy woman Scorpio takes marriage seriously and responsibly, but only for as long as she loves her husband. If the situation is changing in that sense, it goes without hesitation to break, following the dictates of his heart. If she loves, all the difficulties her uneasy, she enjoys responsibility and willingly participates in all home affairs. Her talent housekeeping, she is able to perfectly run the house, loves comfort, luxury, and is an expert in jewelry.
Her emotions appear bright and come from the heart. It responds to life realistically, to all indications it is quite an objective approach. The man she loves, she is committed and ready to worship him.
You will often need for privacy, tired of your girlfriend. Well, if your work is related to business trips. But beware: your wife and feel at a distance, in what direction are your relationships with others. She is jealous and does not forgive betrayal.

This alliance may be for you one of the most profound, emotionally and creatively filled with promising alliances. High spirituality, good rapport combines it with the depth of feelings and mutual attraction. Itself endowed with a strong character, a woman Scorpio appreciates the power and in others. Her respect for you in any case can not be lost. Energy potential of Scorpio women, the ability to control the situation and seek their capabilities exceed those of other characters. Therefore, it takes a lot, trying to solve all the issues on their own. But just as you are, at home she feels the need to communicate, so the chores you do better together. Together to raise children, but issues of material ensure the everyone can deal with alone. To close this communication does not become a burden to you, at least part of the day is spent in seclusion. Particular attention should be paid to the education of children. With them, you’re both having a very deep connection that exclude children emotional independence, which may hinder their further life. It is very important that children have the opportunity to communicate with your friends, it is necessary for the formation and proper playback supply.

This complex alliance can teach you if you do not run away immediately. From the first days of life Your friend will require full inclusion in their affairs, and her violent feelings may even scare you. Do not think that this is an encroachment on your freedom, she just craves depth. The outer side of her life is not as touching as the inside, and you tend to focus on external circumstances. You want to dominate it, to captivate her own interests, but it will only be the case if she did not give up on your feelings. Your independence, it will be perceived as cold and independence – as a reluctance to do something together, so in order to achieve harmony, you will need patience. Cultivate children creative thinking and intuition.

A Scorpio woman is very attracted to you, but for you it can be a boring partner, if you think more about work and household minutiae. She needs the passions, full inclusion, so your hidden emotions may not be enough. If you do not openly and clearly express their feelings, talk about love, then it will continue to provoke you into conflict, causing you to quarrel. Because for her, even negative emotions better than indifference. Therefore, in such a union thing for you – learn how to manifest itself emotionally and bright. In domestic affairs you will be her invaluable support, your commitment to cleanliness and order will make the house comfortable. It will assess and your sense of duty, but the tediousness on the little things, is not likely to forgive and to answer your criticism sarcastic taunts. Your children will be critical, but not always selective in contact. In thinking they will manifest the depth and practical acumen.

Your wife will require constant attention to cross-be, you will be jealous of your friends, relatives, and if you manage to solve these problems, a good chance of union. She is very sensitive, well feel your mood and status. Every now and then figure out a relationship with her is not necessary. Between so it is always ready to protect themselves, and often serves as a means of protecting her irony. It is unlikely that your spouse will want to regularly engage in farming, pre-supposing to do it occasionally, but very often not bringing the matter to the end. She is able and happy to destroy the order induced due to your own efforts.
She is a good mother to their children, but will raise the child as it sees fit, not always with success developing his natural gifts. Your wife may well take care of and responsibility for the family and children, as it extraordinary, but a strong man.

Two Scorpio can strongly attract each other because of their temperaments relationship promises a deep connection. However, every Scorpio tries to emotionally manage partner, while trying to remain inwardly free from the influence of the other, and in such an alliance is inevitable struggle. Deep involvement in the life of a partner can lead to the fact that conflicts will arise over nothing. In fact, a breeding ground for them usually is a non-contact state of the partner, and if you do not get to a sufficient degree of attention to yourself, a little scandal can all put into place. Reconciliation takes place quickly, as both of you can not be angry for a long time, if we are not talking about something fundamental.
You are able to give each other a lot, but most importantly – is the realization of its own type, its features. What is most important for both of you – this is a high level of mutual tolerance, as a partner of the same type at a pretty girl Scorpio always tempted not to give little weight to the actual details. Of habit in daily life to be proactive, not always being coordinated with the feelings of others – is the result of what Scorpio is focused on objective factors in the assessment of what is happening, but with their own reactions to cope quite easily. But it is the attention to your feelings and Scorpio usually loses, because he pushes them to the background. If you are attentive to the emotions of their partner, to his subjective feelings, he will be able to creative breakthroughs, and his relationship with you will change for the better.
Your children inherit a strong character, the ability to meaningful emotional contact and developed imagination. They can be generated by setting a great dedication.

It can be your true disciple, as your relationship to the more friendly and is based on Lucid installation. Do not spare the time for such lessons, explaining to her how should relate to the fact that is a cause for stress. This can be a spiritual foundation of your marriage, as it will seek to understand the sources of your positivity. And her ability to perceive your experience can stimulate your own behavior. You easily become friends.
But in the intimate sphere and you have a lot of problems, as your woman is very jealous. Her jealousy of a special sort. Because it sets a very deep connection partner and myself, in fact, does not avoid the difficulties of life, loyalty to her partner’s a matter of survival. Her trust can be limitless, the loss of such trust as it is experiencing a tragedy.
Its subjectivity is great, but you can understand it, and that she values ​​most.
Your children are able to show a strong character, but may be non-balanced. You should teach them to order, as they inherit a very subjective idea of ​​the norm.

Capricorn and Scorpio woman is very attracted to each other. Scorpio is looking for a reliable partner and sees this quality in Capricorn and Capricorn falls under the spell of a strong nature, the inner passion which imposes a hidden temperament of Capricorn. But the quiet idyll in the life of the pair does not happen. The trend is a struggle. Scorpio would like to see everyone in the house took place under his control and influence, and the independent Capricorn does not tolerate any attack on his person. In fact, your pair must find a measure of their relatedness. Only in this case, the basis of the relationship will be though to what – what degree specific, and it can rely on.
The most productive – to put your girlfriend to have to deal with complex emotional problems, supporting her emotionally. If it is certain that we need, its energy is no longer present as He who searches and destructive and more reliable friend you will not find.
Children can be a wonderful bridge, because you are both serious about their education.

The Union of Aquarius and Scorpio is intense and dynamic. It involves a good understanding and a deep emotional fullness, but not do without problems. One of the most basic is to try to intelligent woman Scorpio control the behavior of their loved ones. Scorpio is most preferred role of director. In the Aquarian this raises the problem of maintaining independence.
You can irritate your girlfriend and insight, is that more of her you can not hide. At the household level, too, there is a problem: inertia, viscosity in communication, sloppiness. But Scorpio is, than to be discontented: the unpredictability of your behavior, your uncompromising pursuit by a constant changes often lead out your wife out of balance. However, to solve the problems that will arise in such a union can be very fruitful.
On the domestic problems your wife will cope without difficulty, but the order in the house can not be, if you do not help her in this. But in matters of the family to ensure it will help you.
You need to pay attention to the fact that it does not interfere too much in the privacy of children and do not get too attached to their own. Your wife is fine to teach children to distinguish between good and evil, but your help in their education in the development of their intellectual ability is also needed.

Scorpio woman – not an easy partner for you, but an emotional outburst from which to start your acquaintance, usually exceeds expectations. Spiritual experience that occurs in the course of your communication. It is not easy to reconcile with the practical side of life. Still, Scorpio, capable to reach the limiting boundaries of inner experience, not to lose ground. For your wife has a very important material basis of life, she guided the taste of the struggle for existence, and it is up to you to expect full solidarity. You will find in it a strong partner that can support you in a difficult moment, but do not expect that it will help you with the details. Her goal – to survive, but do not think that this focus on the development of the practical side of life is purely materialistic. In essence, it is the desire to prove to herself her strength and ability to cope with everyday circumstances. Scorpio woman wants to be accepted with all its advantages and disadvantages. For her, it is very important team spirit at-What are the main challenges she takes on. It seeks to guide all and everything, but if you want to preserve the independence, it is not necessary to go to conflict. It is quite consistent enough to lead the line. Emotional content and the depth of the relationship in the beginning of dating can be replaced by alienation and frustration. If you do not create a common spiritual values, will not find common goals that will help you rise above the level of everyday life and in the name of which you will close your eyes to arise in your union misunderstanding.