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Describe a typical Capricorn woman is difficult.
This may be a museum lady wearing glasses and dancer. But whatever it is engaged, her actions and masterminded by Saturn.
She will be in excess of feminine flirting and charming men.

In her presence, they will feel downright giants, able to protect her from the cruel world.Capricorn-WOMAN
At the same time it can be a calm, cool, aloof, seated on a marble pedestal, and you will have to do their utmost, that would win her hand. But whatever it was, it always has one goal – a steel determination to seize the right man who will occupy a high position in which it can be proud of. So many Capricorn women are making progress in the work that you would think that love and marriage are in their second. Love – maybe, but not marriage.

We have to understand that the purpose of women Capricorn is the reliability and the position, and no matter which way this is achieved: whether his work or with her husband. In this and in another case a woman Capricorn easily learn from the way she succeeds. Capricorns of both sexes have unusual artistic talent.

Perhaps it comes from the inner sense of harmony and the fact that they know that it is accepted and what is right. Capricorns have to climb. The initial position may be higher or lower. A peak – this is the place where she sees the world the most satisfactory. You obviously do not see how this sexy woman is seeking the first place, and do not understand. At least she will not have anyone to push apart arms and shout loudly, seeking his own. You may even think that it is so soft, and she agreed to take the last place, giving all competitors. Wait and see who will be the first in the end.

Do not think that she would not sacrifice career for marriage. Give this woman to be a public figure and hostess good home. And you will see how quickly it will lose interest in the work. She needs financial security. One of the most typical features of Capricorn is a good education and manners. You can meet the woman of Capricorn, who grew up in a one-room apartment, but it seems that she was raised in the old family home and has received an excellent education. Any man who marries this woman needs to know that she seems more relaxed and emotsianalno stable than it actually is. Her manners may mislead you that nothing could disturb its calm surface. The truth is that it is subject to many moods. All women Capricorn exposed to them, you say, but Capricorn is different from the others in that it can be a very long dark periods.


Thanks to his abilities, Gemini women are able to do a good career, but only in well-defined areas


If she feels that it is not enough value, it will be in a deep trance for days, weeks, and even months. She believes this is because it is sensitive or practical. But you remember that gloom, pessimism and depression, which gives it a Saturn are rooted much deeper than a simple sensitivity. They come from her fear of the future, feelings about the present and, perhaps, the shame of the past or the suspicion that concern it’s not like she deserves. This lovely woman does not take ridicule. Reduce to a minimum. Frankly speaking, it is simply not able to see the humor, the object of which is itself. This does not mean that you constantly have to bestow her with compliments, it feels good when you are sincere, but you have to praise her often enough that she understood that you know its true value. She rarely relax in romantic situations.

It has great physical desire, a lot more than you suspect, and it is very difficult to satisfy. Sit down and take the time to kiss when the future is not yet decided – this is not her hobby. But if she decided that she needed this man that your finances are sufficient, as your situation, it can be gentle, loving, and even passionate. Capricorns do not believe in vague dreams in which they will slide aimlessly. She needs to know what floats their boat, and love that it floats on the safe waters.


And this is only half the problem: in the end,longing a female Cancer end sooner or later, but the relationship with you is unlikely to remain the same.


Build a solid foundation under your house if you want a woman to Capricorn went there. Maybe she can flit butterfly in society. It will observe the etiquette, stick to tradition (in the form of rings or napkins). She has a desire to buy things in the most expensive stores. However, while it is a bargain. It can buy a dress on sale, if it hangs label good company.

This woman has a fresh beauty. Rarely will you find a sexy woman among them, which would not be attractive. However, it is not confident in her appearance. And you have to constantly prove their beauty. Although not like dishonesty in any form, it may lie in his life. And usually it passes through Saturn’s eccentricities. As a child, she looks like a grown woman, and then blossoms into a woman who looks younger than his years.

You can not hurt her family. The man who married her, at the same time to marry her entire family. It often happens that she has a family. She takes care of sick relatives with great dedication. But it can be attentive and your family. This woman will be the perfect wife. Everyone in the house will shine. She loves the beauty: it can attract a lark song, spring rains, the music, it can be sentimental about the past. Therefore, it can be called a romantic and she has a romantic chord. But while she has no sympathy for the starving poets. Its slogan is: “To provide themselves with food, money, and then the dream” and you need to add is not just a dream, and the dream of what is to dream.
In children, it will bring respect to all quality, they will have the best of everything. The concept of saving for her not to buy cheap. But her family may Saturnovskim clash between conservatism and liberalism youthful, when the children grow up.

Because she has a very sensitive skin, it is not much painted. Most of them are allergic to paint. But nature has given her beauty, which is stored for much longer than other women.

Terpilivo help it to overcome self-doubt. One of her vices – stubbornness. But she did not whine and not whining. It will push you forward to success and thus can be gentle and affectionate. Despite her graceful manners, she knows how to circle around your finger.

Who said that she does not believe in fairy tales? Only the wise woman Capricorn could look into your eyes when you were a frog, and and see that it was an enchanted prince. And not only that!