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Zodiac cancer woman

woman cancerCancers to women inherent sensitivity, romance, sentimentality.

They are very touchy because of their excessive sensibility: an unfriendly look, a gesture, not to mention the verbal attacks, the patient’s ability to hurt them. Imaginative tosses them stories and paintings, which often do not have anything to do with reality. In other people’s words to them imagining a hidden meaning, intent, and therefore they can because they upset.
Woman, born under the sign of the zodiac, all the time tend to yearn for a better life. It constantly digs into his past, reproaches himself for missed chances, experiencing old grievances. In her mind all the time, live concern that and now she’s doing something wrong, it seems that others view it is not the same as it is in reality. It does not leave the desire to be always young and beautiful, loving and loved. But sometimes it also happens that the tears are pouring their own, without any serious reason for it, and for no reason at all, but simply because at heart anxious and uncomfortable.
However, like all the children of the moon, the mood is different women Rakov variability. Affability replaced aggressiveness, tears – laughter, fun – gloom, etc. Beginning of a new lunar phase entails the inevitable changes in mood, and sometimes even on the same day a female cancer several visits and irrepressible optimist, and mizantropkoy.
People in whose surroundings have Cancers need to know that their mood can be transmitted to all the others, and not to go along with the representatives of this sign in irritability and melancholy. To help women keep Raku good spirits, loved one should take care of the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, friendly people close to her, comfortable environment in which to present the bright colors. It is unacceptable to abuse this impressionable nature, overly criticize or allow yourself to ridicule her. But the most important thing for her – close attention, the belief that love her and do not intend to leave.
Female crabs – very large possessive. The idea that they can expect some losses, they painful. Especially, they are afraid to lose what gives them the protection and warmth.
At the same time, this fear does not mean that female cancer is weak. It can safely meet face to face with all problems and troubles, to protect yourself and those dear to her, sacrificing for their well-being and health of all that she has. Close female born under the constellation of Cancer, can count on the fact that in the difficult times she would never betray them and not hide behind others. Cancers have a huge stock of patience, especially when it comes to their loved ones.
In Cancer-Women have this feature as the ability to keep people’s secrets. To them it is just as anxious as to their own, which no one ever opens. Silence is not only about their secrets, but also about their feelings, preferring to remain a mystery to all.
She likes to give the impression of a strong, independent person, so she often prefers to keep aloofness when men make attempts at rapprochement. For her look accessible and defeated – the concepts interchangeably. If a female Cancer happens fleeting intimate contact or if she just thinks that before someone opened more than necessary, the future relations with this person is not followed, it will do its best to avoid them. In general, people born under this constellation of women are very faithful to their wives, like flirting and fun and entertainment on the side is not for them.
Cancer, a woman has a very highly developed maternal instinct, but because her children can always count on a hot love, care and support. Her affection for him is very strong, so it is not surprising that a female cancer are always very careful and suspicious of the youthful enthusiasm of children. Giving their daughters in marriage, it reluctantly, before it will certainly satisfy itself that her future son-in-all necessary, from her point of view, the quality of family life. So it’s possible that her children’s own family will be quite late. Women themselves Raki too late to go down the aisle, they do not want to part with her mother, to which they are very much attached.
In his beloved home, like all cancers, the representatives of this sign of hidden troubles of the world. Housework is not too attractive to them, but the hostess, they are generally good: they are looking to protect their nest and rest, and therefore without a comfort it is necessary.
Female crabs can without exaggeration be called amazing cooks. Never ready to table in a hurry, they are for cooking are as carefully and tenderly as to their loved ones, for whom all this is all do.
In cancer, women do not take away the ability to organize their family life in such a way that it always reign prosperity. There is always money and resources, none of the household is not deprived of care and affection. Representatives of this sign is not inclined to waste. On the contrary, they make the very grandmother, whose chests and boxes are full of old things, each of which has in the eyes of Cancer valuable. These relics are never discarded and carefully kept.
[like_to_read]Spouses of Women Cancers do not have to suffer from jealousy of their wives. Those born under this sign will experience when her man is not home. Its a very scary prospect to remain abandoned, does not get much needed love and attention. However it leaves your fears to yourself, and almost never voiced his suspicions and splashes of negative emotions. Wife wants to get cancer from a spouse permanent confirmation of love and affection, understanding, comfort in difficult times.[/like_to_read]
Cancers-women nature has a very sensitive body, the ability to easily excited expressed erotic. In sex she shows herself passionate partner, but often she wants to hide this fact. In intimate relationships, women are trying to take matters into their own hands and enjoy full. However, they often forget that it is necessary not only to use a partner to get satisfaction, but also to give him pleasure. Still a man, a woman for whom satisfaction is no less important than your own, that means a partner in the person of a representative of this sign.