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Cancer woman

germangirlThe moon, which controls the sign of Cancer, a strong effect on his character and mood. And since women are naturally more sensitive, it is the cancer women most strongly depend on the phases of the moon. Their lightness, charm and gaiety can suddenly give way tearfulness, capricious, or irritation.

On the one hand, this behavior lies a mystery, so attractive to many men, and the other – the stronger sex, preferring in all clarity and stability, may find a girl-specific cancer whimsical, even a little crazy.

Cancer woman who “hooks”

Women Cancer like anyone else, know how to use their main weapon – coquetry. They fascinate, bewitch, envelop and “cling.” Communicating with them, the men usually only have time to think about what they are “a little carried away,” beginning to win the tender and timid beauty, and won, bethink already at the door of the registrar.

This is the unique talent of female Cancers: surrender, they were victorious. It is with these men understand the true meaning of the phrase “we are responsible for those who have tamed.”

Lung relationships without commitment representatives of this sign do not accept. They believe that if a man began to court, then he is in love. And if you love, then, be sure to get married.

If you suddenly occurs differently, girl-cancer suffers greatly and tries to hide in his shell. It’s her, is normally expressed in the full retirement at work or household chores. Therefore, from the female crabs may seem cool and emotionless, because after a violent quarrel with the beloved, they do not shed any tears all in the pillow, and with admirable zeal accepted, for example, for restoring order in the attic or cooking a feast for at least half the world. It should be noted, incidentally, that cooking – is a kind of religion Cancer, women of this sign love to be in the kitchen, expertly prepared and like to treat their loved ones.

Family Horoscope: Cancer – a woman who needs no proof of your love

One winning this girl, it is impossible to leave without tears, scandals and tragedies. However, men who like women’s affection, are unlikely to find a better companion than a representative of the zodiac sign Cancer.

The family of these women behave differently. Sometimes they try to fill the house with warmth and comfort, and her beloved husband surround tenderness and care. And sometimes it is due to a chronic lack of confidence in anything, including in itself, they can become whiny and demand manifestations of attention and different proofs of love spouse. Do not get what you want is Cancer girls are offended fall into melancholy and rush into its shell. This helps avoid the daily vows of love.