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Aquarius Woman

1312979685_vodoleyAnd who is the most beautiful woman in the zodiac? Well, of course, Aquarius. It can compete with a Libra woman. January and February’s women are beautiful no matter what they – the latest model from the cover of calico or “gypsy” skirt. They are moderately passionate relationship with these beautiful women can be very enjoyable if you just do not become encroach on their freedom and the opportunity to communicate with their friends, as well as their various hobbies and interests – class choreography, painting, theater, literature and the struggle for world, etc. In general, the little witch woman Aquarius – they live mostly in the future, are able to predict the future, and their predictions, though not immediately, but eventually come true.

Just as men Aquarians, beautiful women Aquarians born under this sign, do not rush to the marriage, and before you tie the knot, a thorough study of the elect, consulted with friends and family, even though the latter do not have a casting vote in the issue and their opinion is only of academic interest.

Girls Aquarius – the ideal wife for promising politicians, scientists and teachers. They are exceptionally rapidly getting to any society, and easily play the role of a witty hospitable hostess. They are not jealous in the usual sense of the word, that is, will not see her husband through his pockets in search of love notes or look for traces of lipstick on his handkerchief. But if she knew for sure that her husband was unfaithful, then get up and leave – just her and saw.

When the January-February Aquarius sexy women have a child, she lost – because now you need to devote time and attention to one point, and she used to communicate with many. But gradually it adapts and attaches to the children, although it does not like to show their feelings outwardly.

It was not cold mother, but still somewhat “aloof.” This, however, does not prevent her to take an active part in all school activities. Mother of Aquarius is very tolerant of behavior and even a transgression children, but require them to absolute truth. It will be very kind to them when they are sick, and carefully take care of them. This mother is not too demanding for the children of domestic responsibilities and their compliance with the rules of hygiene: it is not so important whether Tommy washed his hands before eating, like what he learned in school today.