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Female horoscope

goroscopWomen Aries (March 21 – April 19)
In a relationship with a beautiful woman Aries is important not to irritate or annoy her, or she will never forgive you this and more you will not see. It will direct your energy on someone or something else. If you are with a female Aries associate relationship, this relationship should be equal, otherwise it will take away from you. This woman will not tolerate chauvinism. The work is full of energy. It sets goals and with all his insistence strives to achieve them. She skillfully launching into life new projects and ideas. But it – it’s hard to follow through, unless it is a matter of their lives. Aries woman is the kind of people who are in the distant past in vans went to the West, hit the road, and jumped off the road and before reaching California. It is most commonly rely only on themselves and can certainly compete with any man in professional terms. It emits a success, and her clothes are only underlines this. Aries women love passionate and all-consuming.

Women Taurus (April 20 – May 20) It is right and betrayed the fact that he loves more than anything else. The place where her life goes, it must meet the personal tastes in art, color and design. She loves beauty in all her manifestations. If she is interested in clothes, always dressed with taste and fashion. If she loves the sport and physical activity, it is making every effort and patience. Since sexual women Taurus manages Venus, she is very romantic. Taking care of her, do not forget the flowers, walking in the moonlight and poetry. She is generous and ardent lover. Rather, it is very musical, playing an instrument or singing. If you want to change her mind about something, proceed carefully. Do not drive it into a corner, otherwise it will be rested, and you would not change her mind. Being an earth sign, she loves to dig in the garden, and perhaps engaged in cultivation of plants. Time spent in the fresh air for some enjoyable, is to her advantage. She loves animals, and if she has pets, their appearance is always appropriate to its exquisite taste.

Women Gemini (May 21 – June 20) At first glance it seems that it takes the whole room. She can talk on any subject, and so confident that it seems that it is well versed in all of this, but after a while you realize that all of its superficial knowledge. But when it comes to her passionate enthusiasm, her deep knowledge and exhaustive. She is very sociable, but the form it will take its quality depends on other aspects of its map. In twenty years, it flirty and frivolous, she can not or do not want to tie a serious commitment. On the one hand, she loves freedom, and on the other – a relationship in her life play an important role. If it is too early to get married, it’s likely it will be at least another marriage. In thirty or forty years, it settle down. By this time she had somehow come to terms with each other, to learn to understand their feelings, attitudes, needs. By fifty – Gemini woman knows what she looks like, now she must live with the truth. If you want to change the view of the woman, you have to prove that your position is more logical. Keep in mind that its concept of logic may be different from yours.

Women Cancer (June 21 – July 22) At first glance, it seems mysterious and elusive, her mood changed so quickly that you never know how it applies to you now. Under her gentleness and benevolence, under the bravado lurks the fear of being cornered. Cancer woman herself can not understand myself. She needs support – own home, better the water, although in principle it can create a base of operations anywhere. She takes care of all: the animals, their children, the homeless and orphans of all shapes, forms and sizes. Cancer woman – it is emotion in its purest form. At first she feels, and then thinks. Sometimes it is like a sponge soaks up all the emotions of others. If she does not have her children, or something to do with the kids, or the kids will be its animals and all those in need. Anyway, her maternal instincts find expression.

Women Leo (July 23 – August 22) She openly display their feelings and are always disappointed when he notices that the others are not so outspoken. You never have to wonder about how it applies to you, if the other aspects of her natal chart does not indicate the opposite. She likes flattery, romance, courtship and be a passionate lover. A female lion exudes self-confidence and therefore cause people to trust. In the workplace, it aims to be at the helm – the position of manager, of course, is good, but the CEO is even better. It is nothing like being second. If you belong to a woman in marriage, Leo, do not expect that it will stay at home, unless it runs out of there own business. If she has children, she is not only a mother, she has her own career, interests and hobbies. Since the sign of Leo manages the children, it may be something to do with them, even if it does not have its own. She likes nice clothes and dresses bright and stylish, preferring clean bold colors. Remember, she’s an actress and knows how to use his external behavior and data to create the right impression. She likes to be in her world was an order, but it is – its own order.

Women Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Externally, it is always something stands out from the crowd – a mysterious look, delicate features, flawless appearance. She has a special vibration and energy, which are noticeable even when she’s not trying to impress. The first thing that attracts the Virgin in a partner – is intelligence. When the Virgin and her lover are getting closer on an intellectual level, becoming deeper and her feelings. Virgin women are often insecure, something bothers them all the time, but with age they become more balanced. This feature can be annoying their chosen one, especially when anxiety turns into a critique of the Virgin, that would not have said or not done by others. Virgo is interested in health and hygiene, especially the latest developments in these areas. It does not always apply their knowledge in practice, but the knowledge she has. She likes to spend money on the books and works of art that struck her fancy. She is very kind to the things that surround it, so it has a very comfortable home. Virgo will be a good mother, she is conscious, considerate and caring. Usually Virgin have a weakness for animals.

Women Libra (September 23 – October 22) Beware. This seductive and romantic flirt stun you small joys. If she cooks, most of all, well, cleverly adding herbs and spices. Candles, flowers and soft music she is able to create the right mood. It is romantic and gentle, she loves companionship, next to your partner, it just blossoms. Her home reflects her refined taste in art, literature and good music. A Libra woman may not be extravagant, most likely it will not recklessly spend their money, but it gets great pleasure from all their acquisitions. If she likes the opera or ballet, she regularly visits them, such quirks – a balm for her soul. Maybe she plays a musical instrument and loves to play chess.

Women Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) It is incredibly sexy. When these women walk down the street, turn around after them when they walk into a room with strangers, they immediately attract attention. If you want to conquer a women Scorpio, you have to be with her frank and honest from the beginning. If she ever catch you in a lie, or you will offend her, she immediately break up with you. She – a passionate lover and can be jealous and domineering. You’ll never guess her thoughts and feelings on a look, if only she is not angry – then watch out. Her anger is expressed in different ways – a flash of rage, biting sarcasm, a piercing look that chills to the bone. If she has developed intuition, it borders on clairvoyance. Her inner world is reflected in her beautiful eyes. Scorpio woman is a devoted, loving and caring mother frantically. She wants to create for their children a cozy home that will shelter them from the misery of the outside world.

Women Sagittarius (November 22 – December 20) It is not easy to guess. It stands out in the crowd, attracting everyone’s attention. She is cheerful, frank, directly. Alone she flirtatious. But once you ask her to go to dinner or a movie, it was gone. And it’s not shyness, just for you it does not stand out in the crowd. If you still have attracted the attention of a women Sagittarius, you’re interesting and lively to say its interesting topic. It may be animal rights, for example, or a change in priorities in religion. This lady thinks a large scale, and if you want to win her heart, you should pay attention to the things that is universal. Women Sagittarius will succeed on the job, which will not restrict it. Her children, she has complete freedom of action, and to some it may seem that she just does not want to deal with their children, but this is not the case. Sagittarius woman – a loving and caring mother, but she believes that her children have to find their own way in life. She is ready to give general advice or share their own wisdom, but will never impose their views.

Women Capricorn (December 21 – January 19) At first glance, it seems tough, single-minded and serious woman who knows who she is and where to move. Upon learning of her better, you know – it is not as tough, just hidden and discreet. Do not expect that she will let you into my life with open arms, first you have to prove themselves. This woman has strong beliefs and principles that it would never break. Casual relationships are not for her. If you prove that you are worthy of her, she will reveal their feelings, and their depth will shock you – the love for it is a serious matter. Capricorn woman is gentle and loving mother, she is farming with the same seriousness as the accounting department. The influence of Saturn in this sign may result in some harshness in dealing with the spouse and children. She expects a lot from you and under the influence of other aspects in the natal chart is sometimes inclined to impose their views. She loves animals that help her to open up a nice one, thanks to them she learns to openly show their feelings.

Women Aquarius (January 20 – February 17) Even if you know her well, you will never be able to understand it until the end, as it is woven of contradictions. It is patient and intolerant, it rebels against the rules and obey them when it’s convenient, and her rebellious nature longs for peace, it can be stubborn and obliging. She likes the unusual people who have a lot of friends, and among women and men. Material condition she was not interested, so her friends belong to different social classes. Aquarius woman talking to different people and interests she also varied. It may be of interest tarot cards or astrology, it can invent or write, and can be a promising filmmaker. Whatever her profession, she gives her the freedom to do things their own way. About the love of a woman, Aquarius can say only one thing – it attracted unusual or eccentric people. Even if it seems to be the common man’s favorite, in fact it is not. His children, it provides a free, happy with their success and never let them down.

Women Pisces (February 18 – March 19) It is mysterious, it blows from something inexplicable, as if she knows more than he’s saying. She has big, kind, compassionate eyes. She is incredibly sensitive and has a hidden inner strength. Do not act like it categorically. She does not tolerate any restrictions by any person whatsoever, as it is important for freedom of expression. This trait of Pisces affects her work, family and her relationships with family and friends. Sometimes it is to the detriment of her, but she is completely indifferent. To do otherwise is abhorrent to her nature. Although she is in need of friends, she appreciates and loneliness. For her well-being is just as important as harmony for Libra. If she does not spend enough time alone with her, she might get into alcohol or drug dependence. It is necessary to direct its energy in the right direction, and from under her arm can be born brilliant artistic, literary or musical works. At that moment, it becomes a conductor of higher intelligence. Communication with children at a subconscious level allows her to understand what they feel, even when they themselves do not understand.