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Influence of women the planets : Mercury

0_58704_f3ea7486_-1-LSometimes it is said that Mercury helps to understand life women, because it is the planet of intellect.

As the influence of Mercury appears in your personality ?

Easy for you to start a conversation with a stranger or you open only in the company of friends ? You can instantly pack up and go on a journey – or prefer to spend the evening at home, listening to music or delving into your favorite books? Like to speak to a large audience , or do you prefer to tell stories in your own living room ? You implement one idea or grab you ready to deal with multiple projects at the same time ?

You can answer these questions by looking at your horoscope and find the position of Mercury , planet of the mind.

Since the beginning of human observation for this mysterious planet Mercury associated with speed and agility. In ancient mythology, Mercury was considered a messenger of the gods. He was young , handsome and fast as the wind, because he had wings on his feet. Its scope includes communication , trade, and all require skills and abilities. He not only had the eloquence, but also invented music, mathematics and astronomy . In ancient Rome, Mercury was also the patron of thieves because of their cunning and love of pranks .

In astrology, Mercury is the planet of mental activity , communication, intellectual energy . It manages your consciousness , perception and intelligence , memory, eloquence and literary style . It affects your vision , hearing, perception and assimilation of information. Daily trips , short trips , vehicles – all this is under his patronage . It also controls the functioning of the nervous system , hands, legs and fingers.

If Mercury occupies a strong position in the horoscope , the person is likely to have the eloquence would be funny storyteller and clever, cunning merchant. He probably has good memory , the ability to discuss and quick nervous movements .

Mercury also protects the voice of people with strong influence of Mercury perfectly perform before an audience , singing and dancing . Mercury protects travelers , promotes learning and research. His protection covers such broad areas as the nervous system and the ability to communicate , and small things – pens, pencils and parcels .

Negative influence of Mercury appears in the critical attitude , sarcasm , cunning and conflict . Lies , deceit, crimes such as fraud, sell fake documents – these are examples of negative power of Mercury.

Since Mercury is near the sun , it is always in your birth chart beside him , either in the same sign as the light or in the nearby.

Mercury – the smallest planet in our solar system and the closest to the sun ( they are separated by about 36 million miles ) . The diameter of Mercury – 3000 miles ( for the Earth , this figure is almost eight thousand miles ) . Mercury is moving very fast , the period of its rotation around the Sun is 88 days ( Earth – 365.25 days ) .
Since Mercury is close to the Sun , it is difficult to see in a telescope , and a maximum closer to the ground , he finds himself between her and the sun, and therefore invisible. This planet is not observed for a long time after sunset and before sunrise , so our observations were always performed in the daytime when visibility is poor . Mercury’s orbit passes near our horizon and veil veiled planet Earth’s atmosphere.
However, modern space probes have provided a clearer picture of Mercury. Until recently, astronomers believed that Mercury , unlike the Earth does not rotate around its own axis . Recent studies have shown that Mercury rotates with a period of 59 days. Thus the planet makes three turns around its axis for the time during which it bypasses the sun twice . This explains the unusual – two ” year” Mercury correspond to three ” days “! According photography produced probe ” Mariner 10 ” Mercury’s surface resembles a lunar – she ” pitted ” craters.
Mercury appears in the evening sky in March and April , and in the morning – in September and October . Ancient Greeks believed that these are two different stars. Morning called Apollo , and evening – Mercury. In Egypt, Mercury was also considered two celestial bodies – Seth and Horus , stars thinking.




To establish what the signs are Mercury on your birthday , look at the table of Mercury.

Mercury in Aries

This strong position of Mercury : Aries Intellect gives shine and assertiveness . If you have Mercury in Aries , you probably witty, straightforward and original. Your speech may be sharp , ironic or sarcastic . Your tone sometimes offended or amused . You are using a very expressive language , generously laced with slang. You are prone to exaggeration . Mercury in Aries makes you impatient, hurry finish the job and seeking their views. Do you ever stubborn and tactless . You love to talk and write, can manifest itself in the literary field . Even if you do not become a professional writer, you love to talk with authors and attend literary devices . Your problem is that you are too impulsive, not carefully plan their actions. However, you are lucky in one respect : your first decision is usually correct. People with Mercury in Aries suffer from headaches , especially in noisy environments .

Mercury in Taurus

If you have Mercury in Taurus , you will never be immersed in a project without careful preparation. You have a practical, steadfast and constructive mind. Your intellect is not very flexible : you believe that your opinion is the most correct , but from the thoughts of others is of little use . You are endowed with an excellent memory and observation, but do not know how to listen carefully , and if you still do not intend to change their views , why listen to someone ? You tend to be repeated many times in other words to express what has been said – usually in order to convince others of something . You are sociable and attractive, have the refined manners , but a little shy with strangers. You feel better , reading a book in a comfortable chair , rather than being in the center of the crowded society. You read a lot , but the most valuable lessons you presents life itself. Mercury in Taurus gives the ability to handle money . You always notice all the beautiful and expensive . People with Mercury in Taurus often succeed in trading art and antiques .


If you have Mercury in Gemini , give you a unique characteristic is not easy. Either react quickly mind has duality. You quickly change their views based on new information . You often work simultaneously in multiple locations or on several projects . Reactive, versatile , curious, you live mainly in the mental plane. You need to have facts and data , and you want to know. You have a gift for languages ​​, mathematics, love to read , to learn something , to travel and to discuss new people thought. However, the diversity of your interest leads to superficiality knowledge. You know a little about everything, but thoroughly – nothing . You are smart enough to hide it and impress an educated person . Your other problem – the inability to concentrate on one thing . Sometimes in your life lacks order. Of you would have made an excellent debater , speaker or actor. You have many friends because you have a contagious sense of humor. Many popular TV journalists and talk show hosts Mercury is in Gemini .


Mercury in Cancer makes people sensitive to the opinion of others about him. You possess an almost uncanny insight and perceive signals of others. Do you think that if we only rely on vision , we see very little. You skillfully adapt to different people . This does not mean that you can easily part with their views. In fact, they are a little too narrow , but it is only able to observe people with your insight. On the surface , this feature does not comes through , you have a charming secular image. Your perception always extremely personal – you tend to miss important events through the prism of their own feelings . Endowed with a powerful imagination, poetic perception and a good memory , people with Mercury in Cancer become renowned scientists , historians , educators and writers. You can make money in the real estate business or inherit from their maternal relatives . Sometimes, you are haunted by irrational fears , such as fear of flying .


Mercury in Leo endows you with eloquence and the makings of a leader. Interacting with people , you show hypnotic quality. You – a great organizer , able to lead, manage and control . You can be boastful , arrogant and short-tempered , and if things do not exactly succeed , you are able to explode. But as usual you show kindness and love for life , people forgive you. You like to attract attention , prone to exuberance . Although you prefer to play , not work , you are geared for success. You are different and sometimes so enthusiastically fond of some project that nothing further notice . People with Mercury in Leo in love with the theater. They love to play and be happy when they are able to show themselves . You are attracted to creative activity , you do not carry a boring job .


This position of Mercury gives you fine analytical mind . I enjoy operate with facts , seek before deciding to explore all sides of an issue and get all the information you need to analyze it . Constructing the theory you believe in its immutability . From this point you expect that reality will adapt to your ideas , and not vice versa . You intellectually intolerant of people with fuzzy thinking, do not understand human weaknesses . Emotional detachment makes you an excellent scholar, researcher , teacher or reporter. You grasp everything on the fly and easy to memorize a lot of information . Your fault is the willingness to take on too much work or multiple projects. You drain your strength and sometimes get nervous and picky. You are endowed with creative abilities in the field of crafts .


Mercury – the planet of the mind , and Libra – the sign of balance. If you have Mercury in this sign , you like to mentally weigh the “pros” and “cons ” to consider any matter with both parties , to evaluate all the factors . You strive to make the best choice. Even deciding , you hesitate . Your favorite position – expectant . In fact, you have a fine intuition, you will instantly understand the situation . But then you tend to think , away from the point. In dealing with people you are kind, friendly , able to sympathize . You like to be in society. Not wanting to generate controversy , you agree with someone else’s opinion , in fact remained at the. People with Mercury in Libra best performing creative and intellectual work in partnership with someone. You achieve the greatest success , united with a strong man capable of guide you. Alone, you’re lazy and do not give the case to the end.


Born with Mercury in Scorpio , you are curious and inquisitive . You feel the need to dig deeper to get to the true facts . Especially beckons you hidden from your eyes. Many of you are committed to medicine, science , religion and the occult. You are created to investigate , because we move steadily toward the goal , anything without losing sight of the road thanks to its acute observation. Are you proud that you can not spend . You have a persistent , stubborn mind and love with their ideas. You can not convince of something, if you are not willing to change the view. You take the “proof” of other people as new versions of their opinions and do not listen to them. Independent work suits you more than joint projects. Probably you have unrestrained nature , people with Mercury in Scorpio are known for their venomous sarcasm , manifested in conflicts and rough . Your mind to manage emotions . You are able to protect even a hopeless cause , donate their time and effort for a loved one .


This position of Mercury gives you fast , lively and concrete mind . Do you value freedom of expression and does not tolerate any censorship over your words. Your brain is inquisitive , restless , always looking for new incentives. You tend to jump from one project to another, often change jobs . Your profession may be associated with travel. People with Mercury in Sagittarius never stop learning , your education lasts a lifetime. You love to read , learn new ideas , learn something about the people . You are easy -going and quickly grasp the idea, but you often do not have enough concentration. Someone finds you too straightforward and outspoken , but this is due to the innate honesty of Sagittarius. You never go on a deliberate deception or concealment of the truth. If you show a faux pas , it is only because they do not premeditate their words . Sometimes you can be difficult to complete the work requires long-term labor.


If you have Mercury in Capricorn , you probably ambitious and methodical , careful , prudent and patient. You are not only attentive to detail , but never lose sight of the whole picture. Taking decisions , you show exceptional rationality . Do you believe in logic and stubborn advance step by step. You know what you strive for , always pursuing a secret goal . People with Mercury in Capricorn often hold leadership positions because of its reliability and imperious form ( noticeable even at an early age ) . In dealing with people you show dictatorial . You tend to express dissatisfaction with the quirks and thoughtlessness of others. You are serious about life and see her dark side , but this is compensated dryish your sense of humor.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius indicates a thin, inquisitive , bright and inventive mind . You show a keen interest in people and is well versed in them. I enjoy analyzing the characters and motivations , keen observation allows you to predict how your friends behave in a given situation . You love to watch people – in trains, buses , airports and restaurants. Your approach to life is marked by tolerance and nonchalance . Aquarius – sign whistleblower that characterizes your way of thinking . You like to participate in intellectual discussions on philosophical , metaphysical and futuristic themes . Probably you are reading the works of great thinkers . You are particularly suitable modern professions related to science, inventions , the world of television and electronics. Sometimes you may seem eccentric, because your ideas ahead of time, and you like to shock others words.


Pisces – the sign of intuition and insight . Mercury in Pisces gives you subtle intuitive mind. Your way of thinking is different intriguing mystery. You come to conclusions is not a logical way , you’re familiar with the opening or sudden insight, not based on known facts or circumstances . Sometimes you make a prediction , which later come true. Intuition lets you down . You are endowed with imagination and creativity , but you lack confidence. Sometimes you seem shy or embarrassed. You understand human quirks, weaknesses and follies , perceive them with compassion . Do you think that every person , even a liar in his own right . You are so sensitive to the environment that you can not work with concentration when something distracts you , or worried. Typical person with Mercury in Pisces – is absent-minded professor .