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Horoscope : types and purpose

Натальный гороскопToday, there are many types of horoscopes. Horoscope in the usual sense explain the influence of the heavenly bodies, the sun, moon , stars and other planets on human destiny . By ancient scholars made ​​attempts to predict the fate of the people , and they are referred to the various types of horoscopes. Different horoscopes with different accuracy and different levels of detail explained the characteristic tendency of a particular person , as well as its lifeline .




Natal horoscope

This type of horoscope can be called one of the most popular . This horoscope is based on the time and place of birth. With the help of this horoscope astrologers can read the destiny of man , and in particular may explain the inherent ability of man and the events that may occur in the future. In the opinion of the natal chart, a person can not happen that is not provided in the horoscopes . However natal horoscope is considered to be only general information about the possible future of man, not a detailed explanation of the fate of man. At the heart of the horoscope is the phrase “general judgment overturned private .”

Local horoscope

This horoscope explains the change of man’s destiny as a consequence of moving from one place to another . Local horoscope is usually built at the time of birth, and makes an attempt to explain the events that may occur on the basis of where a person was born . In some cases, local horoscope is used to choose the best place to stay is the most comfortable.

Horary horoscope

The purpose of this horoscope – is the answer to the question. Horoscope astrologer himself created at the time when the question is asked . This takes into account the place where this question is asked . A distinctive feature of the horoscope is that when compiling there is no need to know any personal information about the person. It takes only a matter of him. Often, the answer to the question is banal answer “yes ” or not. However, if you delve more into horary astrology, it is possible to discover the essence of the issue , as well as delve into the details of the questions.

Mundane Horoscope

This horoscope is the most common and comprehensive. With it you can not learn the fate of a particular person, but the fate of entire countries , states and nations. According to the concept of this horoscope , the study of the fate of using it happens on a large-scale level. This takes into account the time and place of the birth of a nation or nations .

Karmic horoscope

This horoscope is based on the past life of the individual. The basis of preparation of the karmic horoscope are cycles of solar and lunar eclipses. For the uninitiated drawn horoscope can be unpleasant. Often in this horoscope gives an indication of weakness in a person’s life that need to be improved or eradicated. This horoscope is often composed together with natal which complements it by making information about past human life. Karmic horoscope quite informative and provides useful information about the current incarnation of man.

Horoscope compatibility

Horoscope compatibility is mainly used by people in love who want to know how they are compatible . To obtain this information, you need to combine both the natal horoscope, love , and based on this information to draw a conclusion about how successful can be further relations people