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Lost Zodiac sign – Ophiuchus

Recently, more and more rumors are that the number of zodiacal constellations increased. On the palate, added 13th sign – Ophiuchus . And now actively go talk about that all the horoscopes were wrong. Is this true ? Is Ophiuchus is a new zodiac sign , and if so, how it affects people’s characters ? decided to find out …

Zodiac-sign---OphiuchusOphiuchus is not a new sign of the zodiac, it is known astrologers since ancient times, and the fact that it is not mentioned in the standard horoscope , there are good reasons , which we’ll cover later .

According to legend, the constellation Ophiuchus was the physician Asclepius, known to us as Aesculapius , who was killed by Zeus for having imagined himself a god and tried to revive people. The angry monarch struck by lightning Asclepius , but remembering that Aesculapius was truly a genius doctor revived him , gave virtually immortal life , and then, when the doctor did die , put him up at the sky , where we can observe it , entwined snake. The snake in this case symbolizes medicine.

Signs of the Zodiac : Ophiuchus vs Sagittarius ?

The sun on a tangent passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus from November 30 to December 17 , but Ophiuchus yet it would be unfair to the full name the 13th sign of the zodiac , as the sun just touches the corner of it , being at that time in the constellation Sagittarius. Therefore, influences on Zmeenosets born at this time in humans only if several celestial same indicators.

You can, of course, to succumb to fashion trends and declare that the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are now virtually non-existent , that is, it applies only to people born from November 22 to November 29 and from December 18 to December 21 , and all the rest belongs to Ophiuchus . But it is not. Sagittarius is still here and still dominates from 22 November to 21 December, and to the sign Ophiuchus are the only ones who stars in the natal chart form a distinct Latin letter Y. That is, belonging to the sign Ophiuchus purely individual.

If you do not know what a natal chart , and it does not know how to be ( and in one article can not explain it ), then do not be upset – and you can calculate on their own fate , to what zodiac sign you belong. How to do it?

How to find out what your zodiac sign – Ophiuchus ?

So, here are a few ” will “, on which you can understand , you Ophiuchus or Sagittarius :

1. Reading the horoscope , you realize that your character Sagittarius does not exactly fit . 2 . You , in contrast to the “standard” Sagittarius, prone to mysticism and have paranormal abilities. 3 . You know how to treat the laying on of hands , but rarely use it . 4 . Inexplicable from the point of view of rational things happen to you all the time. 5 . Your desires are fulfilled always – sooner or later , one way or another, but to fulfill them you do not have to exert any effort. 6. You do not like people and assess new friends just in terms of consumerism. 7. Are you comfortable in solitude. 8. You can at one moment to change your life and move to another city or country , and more than once this is done . 9. Do you prefer to communicate with others, playing on their vices and shortcomings . 10 . You can easily adjust to any circumstance or change them for yourself. 11. You are attentive to the little things , because of the little things for you sum view of the world . 12. You do not tolerate idleness. You are comfortable only when the brain is busy tireless activity . 13. You do not like animals , they respond to you the same , and even the cockroaches do not get along with you under one roof. 14. You are incredibly lucky. And on a grand scale , and in the details. 15. You do not know what to worry about the future, because we believe that you always will be all right .

Recognize yourself ? So , you really Ophiuchus . But if out of 15, ” will ” fit for you , two or three , do not rush to identify themselves to this zodiac sign . If you start to behave according to the described characteristics, you can lose your true , true destiny, nothing is acquired in exchange.

Does zodiac sign Ophiuchus on the horoscope familiar to us ?

As you know , in the usual horoscope of the 12 signs of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus affected indirectly. In fact, that’s why for thousands of years in the horoscope signs and remains 12. Still, net of Ophiuchus in the world is not so much a horoscope for up to a lot of people , it describes the standard signs of the zodiac . Otherwise, it can not be.

If you want to have an individual horoscope , you should either seek help from a professional astrologer , or learn to speak with the most stars. Private , personal horoscope begins with birth chart – only it will complement the overall horoscope details relating exclusively to you.

And if you are sure that you – Ophiuchus , you need to know what other qualities are inherent in this zodiac sign .

Brief description of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus

Zodiac Sign Ophiuchus is inherently ambiguous : it can bring light, but often brings to life the people around him evil and destruction. He becomes the object of a fatal love, destroys people’s lives and their activities can bring a huge number of mountain people. But for self- healing studies Ophiuchus , secret knowledge available to him , he can work a kind of x-rays , just seeing what diseases are present in a particular individual.

Ophiuchus often changes his life , and not only in his youth. Even before they reach old age , he may one day decide that he wants to die in Tibet , and throwing children and grandchildren, to strive to find his personal Shambhala.

Ophiuchus is not necessary to strain to find common ground with others – those willing to open up their secrets to him , even if unaware that these secrets will be used against them.

The whole life of Ophiuchus – skydiving. He will either go up or down dramatically decreases . For him, there is no middle ground . In no cases , nor in love.

The representatives of this zodiac sign are working in areas related to alcohol and gambling business , organize public houses, underground casinos , SMS- lottery scam and other activities to weaning money from gullible and greedy people.

Here, perhaps, the most striking traits of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus .

Consider whether the zodiac sign Ophiuchus in the preparation of monthly and yearly horoscopes ?

Stars have little influence on the people born under the zodiac sign Ophiuchus , so if they take this into account when drawing up a sign horoscopes , only from the perspective of Ophiuchus impact on the fate of other people.

If you are not an Ophiuchus , but suspect that your environment is a man of this zodiac sign , then by reading their horoscope, or making them , you should consider which of the promised stars
trouble , or, conversely , bright and unusual events may be associated with this person.

Such foresight , first, to help avoid problems that may arise due to Ophiuchus , secondly , over time, will teach protect their lives from the destructive influence of the 13th sign of the zodiac.

By reading this article , it is easy to conclude that Ophiuchus – the monster that it is better not to get , and from the people – carriers of this zodiac sign should stay away . But this is not the case. Evil and destruction enough and representatives of the other characters , the evil has no astrological accessories . Just Ophiuchus – the sign of mystery and mysticism , it is a special destiny , karma , which is given to the elect. That’s just who elected ? God or the devil? Astrologers do not find the answer to this question , which is why , no matter what they say in the zodiac circle is and remains the 12 signs of the zodiac – so relaxed