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Children’s horoscope for 2014

 Year of the Horse , Buda impulsive and saturated bright events , both in adults and in children . So you always have to be there at the right moment substituting the shoulder. The year will be full of both positive and not just events. Try not to miss anything , or your child may withdraw into themselves , or will seek help from others . Many children who will make the effort , are able to achieve success, not only academically, but also in public affairs and in the work that they do. You are nice to listen to the words of praise of your offspring and you ‘ll be proud of their child. But if you notice that your child is tired and on the verge of doing something , it is better to protect him from unnecessary burdens . If you want to trust you in the coming year be with him yourself honest and frank . Children are very sensitive to lie. There is nothing worse than when your child no longer trust you . It can pay you back in the same coin . So try to always maintain a prudent policy , because regain the trust will not be easy. Try not to interfere in the personal life and do not limit the freedom of your child, and only when necessary to correct his actions . Make your home , a meeting place for his friends. He will be happy that you understand it . And you ‘ll always know where he is and with whom. A lot depends on you in 2014 , for harmony in your relationship.

Children’s horoscope Aries 2014
In the Year of the Horse , children born under the sign of Aries, will live a very interesting and varied life . With a curious and mischievous smile full of optimism, it is not smeritsya defeat. Be aware that your child take advantage of in the coming year, will play on your emotions . And you ‘ll vryatli able to help but will yield to his tricks. Though initially , you were ready to punish him . Try to be more strict with him , otherwise you will not simply enough in 2014. In dealing with a child Aries , in the coming year , try to play on his ego . If you tell him : ” Go out there do not know where, bring , you do not know ,” – he would go and bring! The main thing is you have to make him understand that he alone is capable of it . This quality , you have to send in the right direction. And then your child will have the best student in the class , or will be the winner of various competitions and contests. Try to be honest with him . Your child will be very painful to respond to the lies and falsehood . Try to instill in him a sense of tolerance, otherwise it will not be easy to live in this world.

Children’s horoscope 2014 Taurus
In 2014 , you must make it clear to your child that you love him very much . Otherwise, it will feel better in the company of friends than at home. A lot of attention is not the case, you have to understand it for yourself otherwise you would not be easy to find common ground with their child. In the coming Year of the Horse , in communion with the child Taurean need patience . The more you ‘ll push him , the more he will hang back . Only endurance and gentleness, you will be able to win his heart . Your child next year , will require reliability and security, so you have to create all the conditions for him , that he knew that his family was safe rear. In 2014 , your child may have a difficult relationship with their peers . Therefore , you should be on the alert . And if you’ve noticed a change in his character , try to help him understand what is happening . Whatever he withdrew into himself and did not look for a way out of the situation on the street. Try to find a common hobby. Or push it in sports or any other activity which he would prefer .

Children’s horoscope Gemini 2014
Well-mannered child born under the sign of Gemini in 2014, did not bring trouble to his parents. He will have smooth relations with other children. Try not to put pressure on him. The next year, do not limit his freedom. It ‘s like going anywhere , but it would seem that he is independent in decision-making. Try to get your child , do not be what the job or ask for help in household chores . He will respond to your request. Just do not forget it, then praise , and the next time he react to your request, not as a labor service , as well as a very important mission, which he manages well . In the coming year , you do not just run into the fact that he will listen very carefully to you , to agree with everything and do everything on your own. Try not to blame your child’s slowness and sluggishness . Indeed severity of his reaction will be slightly reduced , but it is not as influenced his studies, he just slightly delayed reaction and nothing wrong with that . The best means to cause his interest is to push the purpose to which it will seek .

Children’s Cancer horoscope 2014
Cute , shy , child cancer , in the year of the Horse will be very vulnerable and more than ever, need your attention. It will be quite docile , if will feel the love and affection. It is not necessary to dissemble with him or try to cheat in the coming year , he Boden very attentive to detail and immediately feel the trick. In addition, it will have a very powerful insight from which will not on its own, not only to you but to his teachers. Try to be accurate in terms that even a word thrown caution could hurt him badly . Therefore, your child will be enough not just to children’s team . Often, you will not only understand what he really wants , since you do not get to keep pace with its changing moods . Instead , it will be very loyal to the family, and you do not get to experience, where he lost in the evenings. And if he goes, then you ‘ll always know where he is and with whom. Try more likely to encourage all of his ideas , as a sense of confidence is missing.

Children’s horoscope Leo 2014
In the Year of the Horse , your baby will be confident and very active. He will constantly try to prove their superiority , but unfortunately not always in their studies, and increasingly in the relationship with his friends . He is very energetic and over the next year , your child will not just be to radically change their hobbies . In 2014 he was curious enough , and trying to gather as much new information. If you do not want to make his school became a street, you have to spend more time with him and find the patience for long and detailed discussions . Try as much as possible the cup to give him the job , preferably varied nature , so drab , boring quickly your child. Let him know that without your help, he did not set foot does not turn, and he will feel the importance, then it will be much easier to deal with him . Try not to make his remarks in the presence of strangers , it can swipe at his self-esteem , it can seriously take offense to you , and you with great difficulty be able to return its location . You always have to admire it , and then you will not have problems in communicating with him.

Children’s horoscope Virgo 2014
A child born under the sign of Virgo in 2014, will be quite active and will not give you trouble. In the Year of the Horse , he is full of optimism and a positive attitude to life. He will always be , than neither be busy, so the free time he has practically left. Your child will be attending various courses and clubs, do social work . This he will do with great pleasure, and from this he ‘s great at all . It is true that activity may affect his studies. But , you know exactly what time to ” nonsense” he has not. He will be able to easily adapt to any situation. Try to teach your child to be respectful to other people, so as for its on demand , it could begin “star disease” . In the coming year , in spite of all their employment. It will also help around the house . And you do not have to be told twice . In the coming year , try more often to praise and encourage all the good promises from that, he will act with greater vigor.

Children’s horoscope Libra 2014
In 2014 , a child born under the sign of Libra, is quite difficult to manage . Suddenly he wants , express yourself with a party that is not inherent to it . In the coming year , it will require a lot of time to yourself, and if , at some point , you wake up , busy with something more important, it may be hard for you to take offense . In addition, he always wakes you jealous of that, a business, work, rest of the family . You must be in a relaxed and confidential form to explain that he is of course very important to you, but life goes on and should not revolve only around him. For a child born under the sign of Libra in the next year try not to feel sorry for praise, he will come to life and are more likely to unfold in front of you . Try less than criticize him. And if you do not agree with something , try to gently bring it under it . In the Year of the Horse , some members of Libra, will want to show leadership qualities. Support them in this desire , maybe it will become a turning point in their lives and open up new opportunities.

Children’s horoscope Scorpio 2014
In the Year of the Horse , a child born in the year of Scorpio will feel strong support from the stars. He is very confident in himself , and in 2014 he will be able to easily achieve almost everything he ‘s up to. Try to spend more time with him . The main thing you have to deal with him , so that he did not have the feeling that you ignore . Your child is a strong personality , try to make the next year , in spite of , its apparent independence it is still less likely to be alone when making . Important decisions for him . Your child will need your trust and is waiting for you to admire his victories. He is willing to sacrifice, but would you rate it on merit. Try to handle it tactfully and gently , and never make your child remarks at his friends. Externally , it means not to give, but the offense to lie low for a long time . In relations with friends in the coming year , your child is aiming to be the leader . And if it is not satisfied with something , wakes offend and terrorize their comrades. Try to talk to him and explain that you need to be more correct .

Children’s horoscope Sagittarius 2014
In 2014 , a child , Scorpio, will stand out from the other children , serious, calm and determined character. It will be very honest and sincere with all that , of course, the same will please you, but not always, will benefit in its relationship with the children and teachers. Try to explain to him that it is not always necessary to speak in person , all you think about the person. Otherwise, it can cause some confusion , of which your little hero can not always come out the winner. At school , he will do well , not only related to their studies , but also to participation in public life. In the coming year , it will be attentive to you and very polite with others. Therefore , you do not just have to experience it for the sense of pride when you will heap praise on him . The truth is not time, you ‘ll feel that he is trying to manipulate you , and take control of your actions . Try hard, but not in a rude manner to put him in his place . Otherwise, the next year , you expect conflicts .

Children’s horoscope Capricorn 2014
If your child was born under the sign of Capricorn, you have to have patience in 2014. Your child with slow steps , not in a hurry , will solve their everyday problems . Although the Year of the Horse , it would be not bad at all , to increase the pace.
He must feel that you are able to provide him with a secure rear . If your child has any trouble associated with relationships with friends, you have to support him , whatever he collected his thoughts , and with renewed vigor solved his problem. In 2014 , you do not just feel the sharpness of his statements , he must explain that this behavior is not acceptable. Try not to interfere in its affairs and do not rush him , he perfectly knows himself what he should do your endless tips can make him a sense of insecurity. A little more independence he was not hurt, and when he was left alone with the difficulties your child will be able to quickly find a way out of a difficult situation.

Children’s horoscope Aquarius 2014
In 2014 , a child born in the Year of Aquarius , will require more attention than usual. Try to in the coming year to be closer to him and his issues. He needs support and friendly encouragement. Try to push him to the right decision , if he doubts the way next year , it will sway from one extreme to another . Even if he will not do anything , do not hurt him, do not call not adapted to life . Use his interest in technology and praise him for his skillful hands , perhaps , the question of their future profession is already solved . Academically , he will do well , but only in those subjects he likes. In other cases , you will spend a lot of effort to get him to teach, but specific results it will achieve . Give him the opportunity to be engaged in what it is the soul . Otherwise, he will want to do everything you luck and he will listen to you vryatli . You will need a lot of effort that would return its location .

Children’s horoscope 2014 Pisces
In the Year of the Horse , a child born under the sign of Pisces , will try all the time to get out of the situations in which he constantly gets . It will give a lot of promises that are not in a position to perform. In 2014 , your child waiting overload related to his studies . Try to take to the realization that he almost does not help around the house and possibly support it. And even better insulate it from overloading. Maybe it is time to stop the extra classes that can take a lot of time . Your child will thank you for it, and you’ll notice that he was with you more frank and honest. Never scold or criticize it for its ” lack of character “, this can cause them not complex usefulness, which will continue to be difficult to deal with . Try to convince your child to his abilities and opportunities . Strongly emphasizes the strengths of his character. And then your child will become much easier and clearer to live